Digital Marketing

By admin / July 24, 2016 /

Social Media Management

Customers are adopting smartphones and accessing the internet at an ever increasing pace each day. The large portion of their time  on their phone or computer is spent on social networks interacting with friends and family. Brands need to capitalize on this captive audience of daily users to inform customers about their products and services. Consumers are also increasing using these mediums to voice their sentiments and brands need to be prepared to address any support requests or complaints. Social media networks also serve as a means to analyse competitors by monitoring their content and measuring engagement and consumer sentiment.

Ongoza works with brands to manage their entire social media presence on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram as well as LinkedIn. We work with you from  setting up your presence to building up your following, managing promotions and finally monitoring, engaging and supporting fans on a daily basis.

 Mobile Advertising

Mobile penetration in Africa continues to grow rapidly and in reality the average African actually carries more than one handset. The internet is also heavily consumed on mobile devices. Reaching consumers on the mobile is therefore a medium that cannot be ignored. Ongoza’s targeted sms marketing and smartphone advertising allows you reach the demographic audience for your product or service directly on their personal mobile phone where they spend most of their times.

Ongoza’s service allows you to send branded sms adverts to a targeted audience and quickly, economically and effectively reach consumers across all mobile networks. Consumers can be targeted based on gender, age, location, occupation and many other factors.

Ongoza works with the leading mobile advertising networks such as InMobi, AdMob, Google, Facebook and more to deliver adverts within smartphone applications that consumers are using. Once again consumers can be targeted based on browsing patterns, interests, age, gender and many other factors.