Enterprise Mobile Solutions

By admin / November 13, 2013 /

Whether you’re exploring your next big mobile app idea or you need a mobile app to promote your brand, our team has the expertise to deliver on your requirements. Ongoza works with you to understand your vision and requirements whilst also providing insights into best practices for mobile applications. Ongoza will handle each step of the process to ensure that you receive a quality product that fulfills your needs. Our team can create mobile apps on any of the major mobile platforms Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows. If your requirements are more indepth and require integration your mobile application with a website these can be achieved as well.

Here are some of the mobile solutions developed by Ongoza:

Pro Register

Real time mobile registration and complete KYC compliance solution. Used by mobile operators for subscriber registration and financial institutions for account opening and loan applications.

Pro Sales

Mobile point of sale and inventory management solution for field sales agents. Used by FMCG and distribution companies to manage and optimize route sales, multi-warehouse inventory and multi-branch sales.

Pro Shop

Mobile point of sale and inventory management solution for all retail outlets.

Pro Survey

Mobile data collection and survey solution for NGOs and research organizations.